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Contemporary Affordable Art 

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Add Nature and Colour to your Life. 


My art captures the power, beauty, and fragility of the landscape in the light, movement, gravity, forms, and waves created by the physics of nature. 

I hope you get the same awe at our wondrous world as I do in exploring nature's palette in making this art.


Framed originals and high-quality prints on canvas. 

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Studio Stories


It started with an idea about…

Every artwork is created from an idea, shaped by exploration, unpredictable processes, happy accidents and mistakes.

This journey of creativity is so absorbing I rarely recall what I do, so I video and write the story of the process.

You might enjoy these timelapse videos that show the process in under 2.5 minutes.

Here is one on the Barrier Reef Series.

Barrier Reef #1

Barrier Reef #1

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