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Nina Christesen - About

Hi, I'm Nina, an Australian abstract landscape artist based in Melbourne.

I use both fluid and textured acrylic paints to create original works on canvas.


I explore the interplay of different paint colours, textures, and additives to guide the work in a certain way; with intuition and serendipity allowing the works to reveal themselves as they are created.


I am inspired by aerial views, and my on-ground experiences camping and exploring alpine mountains, inland rivers, outback deserts, tropical rainforests, and rugged coastlines in remote regions in Australia.


My abstracted landscapes capture the power, beauty, and fragility of the environment through the light, colours, movement, forms, and textures created by the physics of nature. 

I draw on my background as a painter and a documentary filmmaker to create compositions, choose colour palettes and develop movement within the constraints of the canvas.


Many of my paintings are based on actual locations, and I bring the feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations of experiencing them in my painting process.


I am fascinated by how different seasons change the landscape dramatically and guide the different moods in each painting; whether it is peaceful, energetic, restrained, or vibrant; while the composition enables the viewer to follow the movement across the entire painting.


I hope that in viewing my art you will see the beauty and fragility I find in the natural environment and like me, be in awe of its sustaining force in our lives.

Nina Christesen-stirring paint
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