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Nina Christesen - Studio Stories

The Journey of making Art 

As a way of inviting you into my studio, I hope you enjoy these notes and videos, that show the process in less than 2.5 minutes. 

Pindan Formations

Pindan Formations

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Pindan Formations is a painting inspired by a magical transformation in the landscape, that occurs in the 8-month dry season in the Kimberley Region of North-Western Australia. 


Under the relentless sun, the plants die away and the muddy Pindan soil that rests on the beach sand dries and peels back.

This living abstract artwork creates wave-like forms that are especially revealed at sunset when the shadows move across the landscape.


The challenge was to use fluid art and additives in a way that would show the imprint of the water (now evaporated) in the soil and the individual sections of the dried mud.